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We are in business to collaborate with purpose-driven individuals, businesses, and organizations.

We help vision meet purpose

Our sweet spot is working with clients who are ready to take their ideas, business, or organizations to the next level. If this sounds like you…

We would be honored to join your team & support you in taking that next step!

We empower confidence


We understand that it can take a metaphorical village to accomplish something great. We approach our work in a collaborative manner – we communicate regularly with our clients to ensure our clients are involved in every step of the process. We believe that multiple brains working together have more creative potential than one.


There is no true understanding between parties without a foundation of mutual trust. We do our work with integrity to earn the trust of our clients.


We approach each project as a mutual learning process. We learn about our clients and their business, and our clients learn from us. Learning leads to our fourth core value, EMPOWERMENT. Learning builds confidence and empowers our clients to move forward and overcome obstacles that may rise on their journey.

Are you working on something that is different?

The reality is that many new ideas do not fit into standard business models and traditional legal boxes. It makes sense that they do not fit — they are new!

It is very common for our clients’ products, services, operations and business activities to fall within a legal grey area in which the laws and regulations are shifting or have not yet been developed. We embrace ideas and organizations that want to do things differently, or as we see it, think creatively. We can relate because we are doing things differently too!

We go beyond traditional legal services and take a fresh approach to the modern practice of law. We  are  proud  to  be  active participants in the Integrative Law movement. We think beyond the traditional legal checkboxes to find a holistic, integrative, and creative solution to each client’s needs.

If you invite us to join your team, it will be our role to assist you in proactively navigating the legal grey areas of your business or organization.

Why do we do what we do?

Because our lawyers are driven to do work that supports our personal values.

Because we want to work with purpose-driven clients.

Because the legal industry is changing and we want to deliver something different.

Because we are dedicated to be living examples of a work-life balance that takes into account family, self-care, community service, and borderless alliances.

It’s simply, just because of that.

What our clients say

My name is Lauren Krutulis and my Husband and I absolutely adore Christian and Mari. We have used their services to set up our LLC and could not be more pleased. Working with Christian and Mari was an amazing experience. They got the job done in a streamlined and timely manner. Their prices were also affordable. Their communication skills are excellent. I could not recommend Christian and Mari more for their superb legal skills. We are blessed and grateful to have them in our circle.
Lauren Krutulis
Complementary & alternative health provider

Our clients include solo entrepreneurs, technology companies, start-ups, project developers, private schools, professional medical practitioners, complementary and alternative healthcare service providers, family businesses and estates, as well as domestic and international not-for-profit organizations.

but the truth is...

In the spirit of full transparency, we do not take on just any client project. We vet and choose our clients carefully. We select clients with missions and values that resonate with ours. We know that this foundational alignment creates synergy that drives results.

We work with people and organizations who are driven to generate more than just profits – we select those who are striving to make a positive impact on the world.

Our team


Christian Holden

Managing Partner, Counselor at Law and Advisor
Founder & Managing Member of Holden & Kelly Law Group, PLLC – Dallas, TX

Christian describes himself as a family man, world traveler, and outdoors enthusiast. Today, Christian is busy actively creating a law practice that is focused on providing access to value-added support to those that are operating at the crossroads of modern science and the law. As an avid participant in the Clear/Plain English, Collaborative Law, and Sharing Economy movements, Christian is driven to support the further development of sustainable local economies and social enterprise.


Marializa Kelly

Managing Partner, Counselor at Law and Advisor
Founder & Managing Member of Holden & Kelly Law Group, PLLC – Dallas, TX

Marializa describes herself as a persistent learner, curious traveler, and coffeehouse enthusiast. She brings her detail-oriented, creative, and empathetic characteristics into everything she does. Finding that one niche area of law from which to operate, was not Marializa’s path. Marializa decided to create an opportunity which allows her to operate at the crossroads of law, science, business, and economics.



We are Proactive. We are Lawyers.

We are "Business design-thinkers" who gather information, assess, strategize, and guide. We love what we do!