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After law school and passing the Texas Bar in 2015, Christian hit the open road on a mission to discover new ways to provide forward thinking individuals and organizations with access to personalized and heart-felt legal and business support. On his path, Christian has studied international intellectual property in Croatia, collaborated with an inspiring technology team in Kauai, Hawaii, traveled to Phnom Penh, Cambodia to collaborate with a team of legal and technical experts to draft Cambodia’s first Environment and Natural Resources Code, and served as General Counsel to multiple organizations along the way.

Inspired by those he connected with amidst his travels and his mission to support others in business, Christian returned to Texas and founded Integrative Legal Solutions, which, today, has blossomed into Holden & Kelly Law Group, PLLC. A long story short, HK Law Team is a dynamic, international team of legal professionals who love to collaborate with values-driven organizations and clients all over the world.

Christian’s primary areas of focuses are Complementary and Alternative Healthcare Law, Alternative Energy Law, Constitutional Law, Organizational Design, and Conscious Business Transactions. Christian also focuses on strategic estate planning, cannabis law, and health food/supplement regulations.

When he is not traveling to collaborate with Clients, Christian resides in Dallas, Texas with his wonderful fiancée, life partner, and business partner, Mari Kelly.  Together, they are developing the foundation for a growing family and an international, project-focused law firm serving the Sharing Economy.

From a personal service perspective, Christian is striving to change what it can mean to work as a “counselor at law.” 

I am determined to exemplify that legal services of all kinds can be completed creatively, from the heart, and with integrity. This world is comprised of a complex set of systems, many of which seem capable of being improved.  I believe that entrepreneurs today have a unique opportunity to bring about the next wave of sustainable human innovations.  I am VERY excited for what the future holds!”’

what christian believes


Christian’s professional mission is to support clients in successfully conducting their business and legal affairs in alignment with their authentic values, and, in so doing, to create and sustain a network of constructive relationships, communities, and enterprises that can help to inform the next wave of creative solutions for the challenges facing mankind today.


Christian envisions a world where values-driven business and legal services are seen as opportunities to co-create a just and equitable world for all living beings. Two core aspects of this vision are: 1) A legal system that inspires and supports beneficial and constructive behaviors, relationships, and enterprises; and 2) Borderless and interconnected systems that operate to empower individuals, organizations, communities, and governments in carrying out their business and legal affairs in alignment with their personal and collective values, and their shared vision for an ever-improving world.


When it comes to quantifying the core pillars of excellent personal and professional behavior, Christian believes that the most effective guiding metric is The Golden Rule (mindful of the multitude of religions and belief systems that reference this core teaching).

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